Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at VKC, believe in giving back to the world, what it has been so kind to have bestowed upon us.
We constantly contribute in that direction through the VKC Charitable Foundation.

VKC Charitable Trust

VKC group benefits this foundation that undertakes various activities that benefit the needy and underprivileged directly. A considerable share of profit of the VKC Group Companies is contributed to this Charitable Trust for helping the economically backward people.

The Foundation has been actively rendering service and support to people since 1995. Some of their social activities are:

  • Running two charitable schools in Kozhikode.

  • Providing Breakfast for over 1000 students in 4 schools in Kozhikode.

  • Providing Infrastructure and amenities for schools and primary health centres.

  • Provided Mobile Mortuary for the Kozhikode Medical College

VKC Corporate Social Responsibility

In January, 2014, VKC organized an event called "Mathrubhumi Vidya - VKC Junior Nanma" in association with Mathrubhumi. This was a social event to motivate young students to participate in social activities and to inculcate civic consciousness among them.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility also pushes us to actively participate in various trade and business associations so as to improve and promote new and widely beneficial business practices. VKC also participates and conducts various events to promote the footwear industry in Kerala.